I’m Juan Rangel. I live in Dallas, TX.

I’ve loved computers since I was a teenager, even helping with my school website in the early 2000’s. Where I’m from, playing on a computer is not something you would typically do, but I really couldn’t help myself.

I still remember building creating chat bots on yahoo messenger that you could use to crash the other users application. Not something that I am proud about, but definitely something that got me interested in what was possible sitting at home on a computer.

Aside from trying to figure out how a computer worked, as a teenager I also fell in love with online gaming. Socom was my first online multiplyer game, and all these years later, I still find time to have some fun with my friends online.

As a kid I had so many interest, but never really had the funds to convert those things into hobbies. I now am able to try all those things I wanted to do as a child. I got into photography, fishing, BBQing, DJing and so much more.

I’ve been programming for about 10 years now and am constantly learning the latest technologies. I’m in love with cloud computing, software architecture, building APIs, UIs, and anything that challenges me in the tech space.